Search Engines + Model Mayhem

Model Mayhem has great results in the search engines, in fact, there is probably no other free modeling website out there that does as well as they do, (well not yet at least – we hope to be up there soon and our numbers are rising fast). This is because of the volume of members using that site and linking to it helps make it an expert site in the eyes of the search engines.

This is a great thing for those who are searching online and don’t know about Model Mayhem. They almost always have some profiles on the top page if it has something to do with modeling. Using “model mayhem” as one of the phrases in that search work well in this case.

Many times I will be searching for a specific type of model and have a little bit of information on him or her. So I’ll search for them using their name, location and use the word Model Mayhem all in the same search. This produces a search result that is very specific and it pulls in model mayhem pages that closely match my search. From there I can quickly see if the person I am looking for is there. I also do this because I might not want to have to fill in all the information on Model Mayhem so it’s just quicker this way. The more information you type in for the search gets better results.

I also do this search to see if that person is actually on Model Mayhem. I have been contacted by models to work with and I want to see their work or if they are members of any modeling site. This helps me choose the right person for the job. I figure if they have no work out there then they are probably less experienced for the job I need to shoot.

Many times I won’t have a name I just want to find people in that area so the search might be “model, Glasgow, fashion, female, Model Mayhem” or something like that. This helps the search engines look through the Model Mayhem site for a close match as well as for model websites. The more you type in the search bar the better your results. This means you get fewer results but a much better quality. This is better than millions of results with a low quality.

This search result will have more Model Mayhem results than the next type of search not using that name or phrase. This is because I am looking for that in my results. Searching this way actually gives you a better chance of making the search engine results. (Later I will show you how to better your chances).