There are 4 basic ways someone can find your Model Mayhem Page online and they are:

  • On Model Mayhem – using the model mayhem site search feature.
  • Search Engines + Model Mayhem – using search engines and using the phrase “Model Mayhem” in the search bar along with other information.
  • Just the Search Engines – using your favorite search engine and using phrases that don’t have “Model Mayhem” in it.
  • Linked from Websites - having your Model Mayhem link on other profile pages throughout the internet.

Lets start with the first one:

On Model Mayhem: using the model mayhem site search feature.

As the creator of Modeling SEO I also use Model Mayhem. They are a great listing site that lets you search the world for the exact type of person you are looking for right down to the eye color. That’s powerful! I travel the world working with industry professionals and even schedule photo shoots through the Model Mayhem site. They are a great resource and if you are not on that website you should click here and sign up today.

Having said all it can have its dissadvantages depending on who is searching for you. Let’s say someone is looking for a model on Model Mayhem and they don’t know your name. If they are a member of Model Mayhem and they use the browse form to narrow down their search you might land on one of the many pages of results.

The more defined the search the better your chances. The more results they get the less chance you’ll be found or chosen. This is because they might get dozens of result pages and your profile could be buried deep in the hundreds, if not thousands of results.

Then there is the ADD factor. I myself have done this many times and will not doubt continue to do this. I’ll do a search and find someone I might want to work with and click on their page. I start reviewing the page and then see all their friend’s images on the bottom of the page. I click on one that catches my eye and go to their page then do the same again and again. Before I know it I’m several pages away from the first one I picked. Having said all this, there is still no better free modeling website to search internally (within the Model Mayhem website) to find someone to work with.

One of the challenges on all the free site out there is the payment. So if you do get contacted, the chance that it will be a paying job is low. Most business on this site is TFCD, TFP, etc. This is because it’s a free site and when you are part of a free community people usually want things for free. This is okay if you this is part of your vision and all you want is trade or free work. It’s a great way to expand your portfolio and many people benefit from this. I’ve worked with many models that have made a lot of money using this site but I’ve also worked with those who never made any money.