Linking to Model Mayhem

The other way people might find your Model Mayhem Profile page is if you have links to it. Let’s say you have many other free profiles out there like Modeling SEO, Purestorm, Diviantart, etc., you can place a link to your website or Model Mayhem page. If people go to those sites and find you there then there is a good chance they will click on your link to see more.

Here’s the important part. Linking works best for search engine results if there is a concentrated flow to one site. The best way would be to your website; however this is an industry that doesn’t have a lot of individual websites. This is because there are so many free model sites like Model Mayhem that everyone uses them instead of creating their own. Unfortunately these sites lack many items that are important to getting found in the search engines.

Linking all of your sites like a spider web does little for the search results than concentrating them to the most powerful site – again it should be your own website. This is because you can have better results in the search results if you have a properly built website. (Properly means not those free ones that look cool but don’t work in the search engines. Lessons on this topic coming soon.)