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Many listings let you add photos but don’t give you the proper space to explain them for the search engines. Modeling SEO gives you 4 ways to improve the searches on your photos. If you make the modifications you will stand a better chance of getting found over most of the competition. We have researched this industry and the majority of it gets it wrong. Your photos can be searched within ModelingSEO or in the search engines so make sure you do it right! Here’s your chance to shine!

Pace Yourself

Search engines come to your page more than you do. If they show up and you didn’t do anything lately they will take a longer time to come back. So one of the ways to keep them coming back and looking at your profile page is to add photos over long periods of time.

If you add all of your photos at once and rarely add anymore that can hurt your chances of getting found. When the search engines come to your page they take a snapshot of it and come back later. When they get there the next time, if nothing has changed they might take longer to come back and the more times they come back and nothing is different the longer it takes for them to come back the next time until ultimately they stop coming back. They think if you don’t care then why should they.

So instead of adding all your photos at once upload 3 every few days instead. this way when they come back they see something new and keep coming back. This also helps keep you at the top of the list in ModelingSEO as we show the most active members on the top.

Name Your Photos

Name your photos before you upload them! People all over the world search for images every day. Make sure you name your images so they are descriptive. The two biggest mistakes are just uploading a photo from a photographer that might have their image name in code (2011-04-23) or something non descriptive. The Other mistake is uploading it right from the camera. If you upload a photo right from a camera (or in a folder from the camera) you might get a name of DSC05973. Unless someone out there is searching for that exact description chances are it’ll never get found.

Now if you modified it to your name or your specialty – glasgow-model-jane-doe-1 (then -2, -3, -4, etc.) or orlando-runway-models-1, -2, etc. then you stand a much better chance to get found online. Try not to have too many dashes ( no more than 6) and we suggest using all lowercase letter and dashes ( “-“ ) not underscores ( “_” ). Consistency in the search engines is better. This method will increase your chances of getting found in the search engines – especially in the images search.

Use Titles In Your Photos

The Title - ModelingSEO provides a title area for your photo and this section is searchable. Use a descriptive title – something that people might be searching for. If you are posting your Goth photos of you on a bus then say something like “Goth Model Jane Doe on a Bus.” If they are all the same theme then you can click on the button below that box to make that the title for all of them. This will save you some time. Next time someone searches for a Goth look on a bus you’ll have the greatest chances of being on the top of that list – both within the ModelingSEO site, as well as in the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Describe your Photos

ModelingSEO provides a Description box. Use this to be very descriptive and explain your photo. Use descriptive phrases and words that people might be searching for in the search engines. So continuing with the Goth example, you would want a couple of sentences describing the “Goth woman riding a bus at night through a goth filled town . . .bla, bla, bla.” (ok don’t use the bla part but you get the idea. You might even want to go to a search engine and look for a similar search and see what comes up. It might give you a better idea of how to write it. Do this for every photo.

Tag Your Photos

ModelingSEO provides a Photo Tag section. Fill this box with words that describe the photo but ONLY use words that you have in your title and/or description. If you fill each photo with words not used in either section it will look like you are spamming and that can hurt your chances in the search engines! This is very important. ONLY use tags that you are using in your title and description. (I know we just repeated ourselves but it’s because it’s very important) Separate the tags with a comma and don’t use filler words like and, of, the, or, etc. So with the Goth theme – goth model, goth, goth on bus, bus, etc.

Use Albums

ModelingSEO provides an Album option. Here you can group photos that all have the same value, look, theme, etc. The nice thing about our album is that you have 4 areas to further your SEO efforts. Tou have the Album Title, Description, Location and Tags. All areas that you can use to help you get found better. So go ahead and create some albums and share your photos with the world!

Do you have any questions about this information? Leave us a comment and we’ll update this page to make it more informative. Your participation helps educate the Modeling Industry – that’s power!