When you type in words or a phrase in the search engines your are doing this because you want to find websites that have that information. Likewise you should be using words and phrases in your profile that helps people find you. So if you are a “tattoo model” then you should use that phrase throughout your profile. This way when the search engines look for tattoo models your page might just be the ones it chooses.

So words and phrases like tattoo, tattoos, tattoo model, many tattoos, colorful tattoos, full back tattoo, etc. will help you get found better than someone who only mentions the word tattoo once on their profile page.

Our site lets you add as much content to your profile page as you’d like. Take advantage of that and use it! The more details you give the better the chance that the people who are looking for “Tattoo Models” (or what ever you write) will find you.

One thing we hear a lot is that people don’t want to read that much – they just want the the pertinent information. Even if that was true, (which it is not) they are not forced to read it. they can skip to the photos and get on with it.

The IMPORTANT part here is that the search engines DO READ IT and if you market to the search engines you’ll get found more often. Its what they read that gets you found. This is why a lot of beautiful websites rarely get found – because they have all photos and not too many words or descriptive phrases.

Please remember – if you want to be found in the search engines you need to give them something to search for other than images.

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